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About Toce

With a family history rooted in creative expression through mechanical innovation, it is hardly surprising to find Dan Toce at the forefront of innovation in the world of motorcycles. With his vision of art within fabrication, he could never leave any of his bikes the way they came from the factory. Taking factory bikes and turning them into a Toce custom creation is what prompted Dan and his longtime friend Mark Duval to begin attending local motorcycle events and weekly bike nights. The unique builds immediately began turning heads with sportbike enthusiasts needing to know more.

Dan, with his incredibly creative eye and Mark with his mechanical and stunt riding experience set out to do something no one ever had done before. They always knew what was going to be considered the next big thing before it was produced. Their strategy has always been to take what is dominating the market and change it to make it their own. For example, when everyone was building long stretched out swing arms for wide tire kits, their goal was to make the swing arms as short as possible. This allows the bikes to retain most of their handling characteristics while not sacrificing their stylistic appeal.

It wasn't until a friend asked them to build an exhaust for their R1 with 4 pipes coming out the back that things really took off. When that new design began roaring on the local streets, and nothing like it being seen before, calls from friends and strangers alike began pouring in. Everyone wanted a piece of the new Toce Performance style.

Hours upon hours, blood, sweat, tears, and thousands of exhaust systems later, Toce Performance became what it is today. All of our products are created in our shop by our small tight knit and dedicated team. By reinvesting all of the company’s profits back into the business, purchasing all of the most modern equipment, such as multiple CNC machines, welding gear, and a complete powder coating system, it gives the Toce team the capability to revolutionize the sportbike industry. The only thing more important to Dan than having the equipment capable to produce anything, is the team we have producing it.

We are a family here more than anything. When something needs to be done, we all get together to make it happen, and when we travel we travel together. Here in the shop we have Dan who has designed and prototyped every product. Mark, who is an incredible mechanic with many years in the industry, also handles customer service, sales, and powder coating. Rounding out our team is our talented welder, Ryan, specializing in precision TIG, with extensive professional training and experience. We as a team ensure that every single part is hand finished and touched before it leaves the shop.

Toce Performance is currently manufacturing, shipping, and managing everything from our shop headquartered in Central Connecticut. Each part is handmade by our team and each new product is thoroughly tested, both for performance on a flow bench and dynamometer, as well as for durability by testing them on our own personal bikes. We strive for ultimate customer satisfaction and want nothing less than a five star review from all of our clients. We pride ourselves on being able to ensure the quality, durability, as well as safety of all our parts.

With Toce Performance gaining recognition in the sportbike industry, other companies are attempting to replicate our style. Our company assures our customers that these copycat companies do not have the quality standards and design techniques to compare to our products. Remember, if it doesn’t say TOCE, it is not ours. We are not affiliated with any other companies regardless of what they may claim. We welcome customer feedback and questions. Please feel free to call us!