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TOCE 2013-2016 Honda CBR600RR ECU Flash

$325.00 $250.00
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Toce ECU Flash Tune Performance Package 

Picking up a Toce Exhaust System, or already have a system installed on your bike and looking to crank the best punch out of your ride?  

Toce Performance is now offering it's tunes to the public.  Reflashing the factory engine control unit with our perfected ignition and fuel mapping for our exhaust systems is a great way to get a solid band of power across the entire RPM range.

This tune is designed for use with our Cat-Delete Link Pipe Available Here


*Varies by Model

Adjustments to the following
-IAP Fuel Maps
-TPS Fuel Maps
-Ignition Timing Maps
-Injector Balance Map/s
-Fan Temperature
Disable Stock O2 Sensor
Disable Deceleration Fuel Cut
Disable Exhaust Valve
Disable PAIR Valve / AIS
Adjust Idle RPM (Per Request)
RPM Limiter (Per Request)

*Varies by Model

IMPORTANT: Upon completed purchase of a Toce ECU Flash, you will sent an email (from with a link to the release form.  

Download the form and print and sign the release and follow the instructions for mailing in your ECU.  
Flashes will not be completed unless the release is signed and sent with your computer!

Flashes are completed the same day they're processed, then and shipped back to the customer either with their exhaust order, or sent priority mail with 500$ in insurance and delivery confirmation and signature requirement.